The Box: A Comedy about Black

I am a failed actress. Among other failures. This one I am fond of because it taught me how to love good acting. Which I could not do. Read more »

Suddenly Seeking Ourselves

“Cool it Dana!” could have been Neil Simon’s line instead of “Cool it, Noreen!” when the young William Brewster came to the Plaza Suite #719 to retrieve his bride-to... Read more »

Letter to an Unknown Man (2014)

“Are you happy?” I think this is how it all started. He called me about four years ago and asked me over the phone: “Are you happy?” Read more »


New York is filled is manicure salons.  “Pretty Nails,” ”Golden Nails,” “Perfect Nails” are just some of the enticing names you can read on their windows. Coming closer you... Read more »

The International Women’s Day

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Not long ago, I attended a University Senate meeting which discussed the progress made by a task force regarding the implementation of a campus-wide smoking policy. Now, being all... Read more »

The Humanity of Mitt

Once upon a time, a TPV writer commented on how normal Mitt Romney looked.  Read more »

You and Me.

Toddlers were combing the purple hair of a giant, gentle monster at the Children’s Museum of the Arts, when you cropped up from behind me. Read more »

Commiserating with The Smiths

I was thinking about desires and I must have thought too hard because the dam broke and my senses became inundated and soon died under the weight of it... Read more »

Mr. O’Toole Is Unwell. He’s Stiff

Sometime during the unsatisfying intercourse between 1990 and 1991 I went to London and I desperately cried in front of what I only thought to be a mere theater.... Read more »

The Usefulness of Jokes

For someone whose raison d’être is jokes and satire, the following discovery is just sad. Read more »

Betrayal. Review

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