Self-portrait in Motion

Don’t Stop Me Now.

I’m a shooting star leaping through the skyLike a tiger defying the laws...

Competing Hors Serie

Competing Hors Serie  


I looked in the mirror and smiled. No pursed lips Nor blank look...
Casa CostaForu


A life in pieces

I When he finished fastening his black and purple rollerblades, and looked up at her, still kneeling, his almond-shaped eyes felt like a push up bra. She was wearing...

Comforting thoughts

When Parallels Intersect

He lost his balance. He fell and now he was rolling down the stairs. He bumped into something. A screaming lady. Shit…How much money would his insurance have to...

static poetry

Hey Mami!

Once I reached 40 I paid attention to the way I dress. Or better said, to the way I present myself in public. Clean, perfumed, manicured, pedicured, waxed, hair done....