Hey Mami!

Once I reached 40 I paid attention to the way I dress.
Or better said, to the way I present myself in public.
Clean, perfumed, manicured, pedicured, waxed, hair done.
The whole 9 yards.
So, when a hairdresser said “hey mami, what shall you do today?”
I dropped her like a hot potato.
I thought she called me her mommy.
I was not dressed the part, I thought.


Today, a Starbucks barista said :”Hey mami, would like a Kona today?”
I looked at her and
…saw through her
…the door.

I mentioned this exchange to a friend and she said,
“That’s a compliment! That’s ‘hey, baby!'”
And she showed me a dictionary entry
for mami.

Hei mami!
You did well.

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