Self-portrait in Motion

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Don’t Stop Me Now.

I’m a shooting star leaping through the skyLike a tiger defying the laws of gravityI’m a racing car passing by like Lady GodivaI’m gonna go, go, go, there’s no... Read more »

Competing Hors Serie

Competing Hors Serie   Read more »


I looked in the mirror and smiled. No pursed lips Nor blank look Preventing feelings sipping through the mask Stared back at me Thanks to you, my hubby, my... Read more »

I Don’t Get It

Today, December 13, thousands participated to the Millions March NYC.  The Millions March NYC is calling for the indictment of NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo in the Garner case, despite the fact that... Read more »

The Miami Cage

Miami is one of those places I frown upon when I hear its name, though I have never been there. Miami is filled with anti-Fidel rich Cubans who must... Read more »

Hey Zeus? Who Is the Audience?

Who do you write for, Dana? I mostly write for myself. If that’s true, then buy a notebook and start writing. Read more »

Mourning Enlightenment.

On August 18, 1936, a 38-year-old Spanish poet named Federico García Lorca was taken from a jail cell in the city of Granada, escorted to a courtyard in the... Read more »

Letter to an Unknown Man (2014)

“Are you happy?” I think this is how it all started. He called me about four years ago and asked me over the phone: “Are you happy?” Read more »


Not long ago, I attended a University Senate meeting which discussed the progress made by a task force regarding the implementation of a campus-wide smoking policy. Now, being all... Read more »

Commiserating with The Smiths

I was thinking about desires and I must have thought too hard because the dam broke and my senses became inundated and soon died under the weight of it... Read more »

High School Times and Their Recurrent Celebration

Some high school moments are from The Breakfast Club, but most of them are better described by this opening line from Anna Karenina “Happy families are all alike; every... Read more »