Hey Zeus? Who Is the Audience?

Who do you write for, Dana?

I mostly write for myself.

If that’s true, then buy a notebook and start writing.


You have a notebook?

I do.

What do you write there?

Thoughts I do not want anybody to see.

Caught you. Then, you want people to read what’s posted here.

In a way.

Nice. So. what’s the fuss.

I don’t like knowing the people who read my postings.

Tough luck. But, how do you know them?

They show off.


They show off. They let me see that they read my words. Sometimes, they use my words as a way to live their lives by.

That should be flattering, if true.

I don’t like them.

You feel that you are doing a service to people you don’t like.

Sort of.

I think Jesus would have been happy.

I’m not Jesus.

What about Jesus (pronounced Hey Zeus)?

I’d like to be Hey Zeus.

Okay. So I am anointing you Hey Zeus.

It’s like Hey Jude.

If you want to. The Beatles are so overrated.


Whatever. Feeling better?

Don’t know. I still detest some of my readers.

You have twenty one all together. How many do you know personally?

The middle age women.

All of them?

My readers.

Let them be.

You mean Let It Be. If you say so. It’s hard. Even as Hey Zeus.

Nope. Go and take a nap. It will calm you down.

If you say so.

I do. Am I not God, after all?

You are. Good night, God.

Good night, Dana.


CONFUSED: Hey Zeus? Who Is the Audience? 

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