A life in pieces

I When he finished fastening his black and purple rollerblades, and looked up at her, still kneeling, his almond-shaped eyes felt like a push up bra. She was wearing... Read more »

Ploua/ It rains by Andrei Popescu

Ploua atit de frumos, incit as ploua și eu/Și ploaia ce ploua ma striga, ma cheamă /și poarta mereu,/Dureri,bucurii și aduceri aminte/Tăceri, dizarmonic și -atitea cuvinte/As ploua și eu,... Read more »

On Passwords, and Other Passing Fads

Today, June 18, one of my institutional e-mail accounts, edn13, migrated to Gmail, adding yet another cognitive part of my life to my Google file. Read more »