A life in pieces

I When he finished fastening his black and purple rollerblades, and looked up at her, still kneeling, his almond-shaped eyes felt like a push up bra. She was wearing... Read more »

Eavesdropping More or Less

Skiing requires a solitary state of mind, and is best suited for those of us who enjoy the company of thoughts. Most ski time, however, is spent on ski... Read more »

Sonja Carter, or the Small-Town Lawyer Turned Big Time Ghost Writer

I read “Go Set a Watchman” and I learned that we could love who we please but we should marry our own. I found the advice intriguing and recommended... Read more »

Progressivism and the Tea Party Movement

Until very recently, the only movement which took upon shaking our corrupt federal and state establishment was the Tea Party. Best known for its floozy, Sarah Palin, the vice-presidential... Read more »

Scream Stella! Scream!

I am going crazy with the kindergarten application process for Lola. We have two more days before the deadline comes for TAG programs (TAG stands for Talent and Gifts... Read more »

Ode to John. Updike.

“I was bored until you came along,” Sukie told her imaginary lover, Christopher. “No, dearest, you wore bored with housing your own spirit when your own spirit was loveless.”... Read more »

Happy Birthday!

I’m 47 years old and have survived failure. Forgetting to smile when I wake up. Failing to scream never at my loving daughters. Read more »

Suddenly Seeking Ourselves

“Cool it Dana!” could have been Neil Simon’s line instead of “Cool it, Noreen!” when the young William Brewster came to the Plaza Suite #719 to retrieve his bride-to... Read more »

Betrayal. Review

Read more »

My Own Serpico Story

When the time came to decide what I would do for living, I was lucky enough to buy a ticket to see a movie at the local movie theater.... Read more »

Staring at Pictures

Today, June 20, I stared at Obama’s face for a couple of minutes. Read more »