The Usefulness of Jokes

For someone whose raison d’être is jokes and satire, the following discovery is just sad. Read more »

Politically Engaged

I was writing recently that November 5th is a remarkable day in US history, because one of the remarkable American politicians, Eugene Debbs, was born this day  and because... Read more »

Mayoral Requiem for a Latter Day Democrat: Christine Quinn

Angela Merkel could have been Christine Quinn in New York City. Angela Merkel savored some soviet style life as an East German child Read more »

Torn Apart but Suddenly Clarified

At barely 16, I read a book that made it easier for me to put a name onto some of my teenage anguish: bullshit. Read more »

Embracing Everything Human

Things have moved a long way since I first saw two men kissing. The kiss was breathtaking, and it came in a succession of kissing couples in a French... Read more »

On Hubris and Idiocy

My memories of the early 1980s are disquieting in a militaristic way. Read more »

On Passwords, and Other Passing Fads

Today, June 18, one of my institutional e-mail accounts, edn13, migrated to Gmail, adding yet another cognitive part of my life to my Google file. Read more »