The Miami Cage

Miami is one of those places I frown upon when I hear its name, though I have never been there. Miami is filled with anti-Fidel rich Cubans who must... Read more »


It’s raining, but it’s inviting. It is wet, but barely. It is cloudy, but I can see outside my hotel room: the tram, the bikes, the cars, the pedestrians... Read more »

Morning Rush Hour

It’s not 8:30 am yet. We made it outside our apartment building. “Mama, I want that car.” Lola points out toward the stretched white limousine I’ve noticed being parked... Read more »

The Treadmill Traveler

Sundays I travel the world alone. On a broken treadmill. One Sunday twenty-five years ago I arrived in Caen, Normandie. Not the Cannes on the French Riviera, with which it... Read more »

Scream Stella! Scream!

I am going crazy with the kindergarten application process for Lola. We have two more days before the deadline comes for TAG programs (TAG stands for Talent and Gifts... Read more »

Ode to John. Updike.

“I was bored until you came along,” Sukie told her imaginary lover, Christopher. “No, dearest, you wore bored with housing your own spirit when your own spirit was loveless.”... Read more »

Much Ado about Life

What do you want most to do with your kids when they grow older? Bring them to Central Park to stay on line for Shakespeare in the Park, so... Read more »

Hey Zeus? Who Is the Audience?

Who do you write for, Dana? I mostly write for myself. If that’s true, then buy a notebook and start writing. Read more »

The Day I Met Elvis

The day I met Elvis, I also lost my virginity. I know. You don’t believe me, and you are right. I did not lose my ordinary virginity as in... Read more »

Fleet Week 1995

In 1995 I had my first encounter with Fleet Week. For almost a year I had been acting in plays off-off Broadway and taken acting classes in NYC, at... Read more »

Hey Mami!

Once I reached 40 I paid attention to the way I dress. Or better said, to the way I present myself in public. Clean, perfumed, manicured, pedicured, waxed, hair done.... Read more »

Happy Birthday!

I’m 47 years old and have survived failure. Forgetting to smile when I wake up. Failing to scream never at my loving daughters. Read more »